Hi Capt. Leeward

It is very nice, both your HAWT & VAWT. I am opting for a VAWT design, as i wish to mount it on our house roof and both sides of my home, there are taller apartment blocks, so i would be able to get wind only from south or north and eash & west are blocked. I understand from various posts that VAWT is ideal, for such kind of situations. Though, I have front and back yards large enough for putting up a HAWT, it would be at much lower height than my second level roof, and trees in my own garden would not allow much wind to freely flow at ground level mounting.

I thought of building the turbine myself with PMs but to begin with i would use a bought out one, depending upon the energy generated and other feedback i gather on my system I would further tweak it for higher output etc

Thanks once again