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Thread: Wood stove ashes fork

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    Wood stove ashes fork

    Often my wood stove will still have a lot of hot coals in it 12 to 18 hours after the last fire was stoked meaning all I really need to do is expose the hot coals toss in some fire starter kindling and layer on a few chunks of larger wood to have my fire going again. Other wise I would have to empty out the ashes and start over'
    I decided what I really needed was a fork much like a manure fork but smaller. I started out with 14 30 penny nails laid side by side then welded the heads together then I used a 1/2" sq bar for the stiff back spine I drilled and tapped it to fit an old fireplace brush that was no longer any use then welded the sq bar to the nail heads to make a strong back spine.
    By laying the nails head to point this created the spacing I wanted
    Wood stove ashes fork-20171217_172157.jpgsd.jpg
    After assembly I bent the tines slightly
    Wood stove ashes fork-20171218_162521.jpgsd.jpg
    buried under these ashes are some fiery coals
    Wood stove ashes fork-20171218_203815.jpgff.jpg
    The fork works great
    Wood stove ashes fork-20171218_204004.jpgff.jpg
    Plenty o fhot coals to start a new fire
    Wood stove ashes fork-20171218_204150.jpgff.jpg

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    Frank s
    Thats all I need, another project I cannot let slip through the cracks, oops that didn't come out right. Great idea, I will be making one of those, Thanks a lot.

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    Thanks Frank S! We've added your Ash Fork to our Miscellaneous category,
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