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Thread: Wooden jig for stamping/punching letters straight

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    Wooden jig for stamping/punching letters straight

    I made this simple jig in wood for making it easier to stamp/punch letters straight and with consistent spacing. I'm planning on doing a set of T-shaped spacers to make the space between the letters smaller (kerning) some other time for this.

    Also thinking of making this in clear acrylic plastic to make it easier to set the placement, but for me this wooden jig works fine :-)

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    I like it. Seems like an easy way to make sure the stamps are straight. I made up one of these using angle iron to stamp info onto STEN gun receivers.

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    A nice application of an engineering design method/rule: Variation of material. Question yourself: Are the properties of the conventional material (steel) absolutely required? In this case:No. That opens a new playing field with new options, uses, etc. In this case (wood) the ease of making a jig allows special versions for cylinders, double rows, other stamp sizes, mixed sizes, quick and dirty or one-off solutions. I like it.

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