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Thread: Woodturning: provision for abrasives, etc.

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    Woodturning: provision for abrasives, etc.

    Woodturning: provision for abrasives, etc.-5b2007ba-ad84-4707-b68a-d3c6952d81e0.jpg

    When I first started woodturning I was so disorganised, kept losing accessories and couldnít keep track of abrasives, it was infuriatingly inefficient.

    The compartments in the two trays are principally for the different grits, since after only a few seconds I am onto a finer grit, I donít want to go searching for it, itís back in its place from the last time, not buried under shavings. (Mostly)

    Originally these trays were from a joinerís toolbox, the compartments I added.

    I have a rack below the lathe, at knee height for the chisels, but I am far from self disciplined with these.

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    Thanks Philip Davies! We've added your Lathe Abrasives Holder to our Storage and Organization category,
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