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Thread: Zero Clearance Insert With Splitters For Table Saw

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    Zero Clearance Insert With Splitters For Table Saw

    In this video I made 2 zero clearance inserts with the splitters, using very hard iron wood, with very straight grain, which would ensure the inserts staying flat and not warping or twisting over time, especially in the tropics where I live.

    After dimensioning the board, I fine tuned its length on the miter/mitre saw.
    I rounded the corners on the belt/disc combo sander.

    I fine tuned it by hand using the file.

    The deep rabbets / rebates were cut effortlessly on the router table, using a top notch router bit, which has indexable and replaceable carbide blades (please contact info at if you would like to purchase these bits.)

    The zero clearance slot was cut by raising the table saw blade. The zero clearance insert blank was held in place by the table saw fence. Make sure you know where the blade would come out, not to damage your fence.

    The double / twin splitters were made from the extremely hard wood, ancient Asian species, which are even harder than the iron wood. I matched the splitters thickness to 2.7 mm which is equal to the blade kerf thickness.
    I glued the splitters into the slot using ordinary wood glue.

    I enforced the gaps between the two splitters and at the end, using the epoxy resin 3:1 ratio. It really reinforced the zero clearance insert tremendously.

    After the final sanding using battery operated DeWalt palm orbital sander, I applied 3 coats of the boiled linseed oil every week, which made the zero clearance insert waterproof, and very presentable as well.

    I made the test rip cuts using the newly made zero clearance insert, and on the 1.2 meter length, I have 0.05 mm tolerance, which I am very very satisfied with. I couldn't be more happy with the test results.

    The thorough systematic work paid off with the outstanding performance of my zero clearance inserts.

    Now the cutting on my 4 HP table saw feels a lot safer. I don;t even want to imagine a kickback from such a powerful machine.

    Helical Spiral Cutter Head for Makita 2012NB:

    Router Bit Indexable Replaceable Carbide Blade :

    Metal File Kit:

    Marine Grade Epoxy Resin (1/2 gallon) ~ 2 liters:

    DeWalt Palm Cordless Brushless Orbital Sander:

    DeWalt Jobsite Table Saw:

    Grizzly Industrial Sliding Table Saw:

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    Thanks tiger carpenter! We've added your Zero Clearance Inserts to our Table Saws category,
    as well as to your builder page: tiger carpenter's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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