This invention was made in a garage.

We based the invention in the video on the Fluidmaster 400A. The ZLT will adapt to the Korky, Kohler, and any other balanced fill valve in the market.

Unlike all toilet other fills valves that close with a float, this fill valve closes when gravity lallows the triggered lever to fall.

Therefore the fill valve remains closed between flushes and only 1 tank of water can drain away due to flapper leak.

The Zero Leak Toilet will save a huge amount of water, lower water bills, and it will eliminate the tank refill noise cycle.

We are currently in the Patent Pending stage and we have not sold any.

Using 3D printing, we are slowly making demonstration units.

We can use help and advice on how to make molds from the 3D parts of from the 3D files.

Any help and advice would be appreciated.

Zero Leak Toilet – Conserving Water, Preventing Disasters