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Thread: Fitting DROs.

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    Fitting DROs.

    I bought a Shahe 150mm DRO for my crosslide a while back and finished fitting it today. Unfortunately, none of the fittings/brackets were of any use so I made up my own as well as a cover to protect it from coolant. The DRO was quite cheap at $US28 ($Aust38) but it works superbly. I milled a couple of clamps for the bar using a vertical slide and the DRO, so easy with this DRO: The bar was 4mm thick so I milled a groove 3.95 deep, fits great. I also had to manufacture a couple of brackets, a splash guard and a meter base. Don't know how I ever got along without a DRO. I fitted a Shahe DRO for the carriage a week or so ago also.
    Everything fits well and the DRO works great, I'll pull it down when I have time and neaten up the fitting a little.
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