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Thread: Fly Cutter

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    Fly Cutter

    Made this little fly cutter with an integrated R-8 shank, It's made from 1.500" round 4140 steel, pre-heat treated to a 27-32 RC. It doesn't have an adjustable cutting diameter, It's a fixed 1.500" diameter which is plenty enough for me, I have adjustable ones but they make such a large cutting diameter, It holds a 1/4" high speed steel cutter or carbide, This fly cutter will save on end mills too.

    When I drew this up in cad I drew it up as 1.250" round, But when I went to my steel rack all I had was 1.500" round, I wasn't about to turn it down so I left it at 1.500", But I didn't change the cad drawing, never the less it wouldn't make any difference if it was 2.000" or what ever, the measurements would not change.

    Below are some photos
    As always thanks for looking and happy machining


    Click here to purchase a set of these plans R-8 Shank Fly Cutter

    Fly Cutter-100_0803.jpg

    Fly Cutter-100_0802.jpg

    Fly Cutter-100_0801.jpg

    Fly Cutter-100_0800.jpg

    Fly Cutter-100_0799.jpg

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    Click here to purchase a set of these plans R-8 Shank Fly Cutter
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    Thanks Doug! I've added your Flycutter to our Fly Cutters category, as well as to your builder page: rossbotics' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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