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Thread: Making a large axe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garage workshop View Post
    In this project I make a large axe in the folded axe style. I took a 10mm (3/8íĎ) steel plate and folded it after which I inserted a piece of high Ė carbon steel and forge welded it altogether.

    I made the handle out of ash which had a nice figure on it. To test the axe I chopped down an old dead plum tree which Iíll use when itís dry for knife handles and other stuff.

    When Iíll do it again, Iíll first forge down the high carbon steel and thin it down because when I was forging the mild steel moved a lot faster than it and the result is that the axe is a bit thicker that I would have liked but it works great for splitting.

    The axe weighs 2.8kg (6lbs) and itís really difficult to swing but it actually cut the tree nicely and the edge wasnít damaged almost at all.

    I hardened the axe in water and tempered it to light straw.

    The axe is dirty from a cutting a tree.

    Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

    Build video:

    In a day where one can go to the hardware store and plunk down $20 and just grab one off the shelf, it is a great lesson in the value of such a tool made 400 years ago. It would take a talented individual a lengthy amount of time to construct such a valuable and vital tool for a family. That tool would be well cared for and probably passed down.

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