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Thread: Shrinker Stretcher

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    Charst's Tools

    Shrinker Stretcher

    Hi Folks

    Just wanted to show the result of the last days of work on FREECAD on my Shrinker/Stretcher.
    Waterjet cutting is already in progress and abt. 90% of the other parts are in my workshop and waiting to be assembled.
    Apart from the 300 mm throat depth, one special feature are the swiss made jaws from ECKOLD with quick release mechanism. The machine is designed for 1.5mm mild steel sheet metal or 2mm aluminum.
    Machine uses a pneumatic membrane cylinder from a truck brake system. It will bring 3 tons of pressure on the jaws by putting 5 bar of air pressure on the cylinder.
    Will post photos when it is finished (hope this is done sometimes in March 2018). STEP Files are already available if someone is interested.

    Greetings from Germany

    CharstShrinker Stretcher-shrinker-stretcher.jpg

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    bimmer1980's Tools
    Looks like a nice design!

    I'd be interested in a set of the .stp files. I just got solidworks, so should be straight forward to open the files.

    I'll be interested in seeing some pictures as you get all your parts together and start assembling it!

    Thanks for posting!!

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    I'd be interested in the step files. If they are available.

    mark at

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    Hi Charst

    Any project photos and finished parts to show to those of us who are interested and jealous yet?


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