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Thread: Small Radius oil cup anvil

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    Small Radius oil cup anvil

    The cup on the oil bath breather on my 8N ford had become badly dented over the years I suspect that who ever owned the tractor had problems removing it each time he needed to clean it and change out the oil There is an easy way to remove these but many just give them a whack. I'm doing a bit of clean up and re paint on the old tractor so I wanted to straighten the cup as well. Now first off I could have bought a new cup for around $40.00 and a used one in good condition for around $10.00 but why would I want to do that.
    This is more for educational purposes than anything as the dents did not reduce functionality at all
    I welded a blob on a piece of 1/2 by 1" bar stock then ground it to the desired radius then welded it to my table to use an an anvil so I could hammer out the worst of the dents.
    Small Radius oil cup anvil-20171112_115722.jpgaa.jpg
    Small Radius oil cup anvil-20171112_120750.jpgaa.jpg
    the cup before starting
    Small Radius oil cup anvil-20171112_120859.jpgaa.jpg
    After I had removed the worst of the dents I needed a large radius anvil to get the correct shape this was made from a piece of 1/4 by 2 flat bar and a segment cut from a piece of 4 inch pipe
    Small Radius oil cup anvil-20171112_125805.jpgaa.jpg
    Small Radius oil cup anvil-20171112_125812.jpgaa.jpg
    the cup after a hammering it back into shape a little more fine hammering and it will be ready for pain
    Small Radius oil cup anvil-20171112_131103.jpgaa.jpg
    Small Radius oil cup anvil-20171112_131113.jpgaa.jpg
    Small Radius oil cup anvil-20171112_131126.jpgaa.jpg
    Never try to tell me it can't be done
    When I have to paint I use

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