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Thread: 1936 Chevrolet full floating rear axle film - video

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    1936 Chevrolet full floating rear axle film - video

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    That's pretty great. I love how they're designed to hot swap axle shafts without taking the wheels off.

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    In the land-rover world those would be called semi-floating as the drive flange is part of the half shaft, later full floaters had separate splined to the half shaft drive flanges, both using a similar two bearing hub arrangement. Earlier semi-floaters were easily converted to full floaters by swapping the shaft and flange type, with early series 1 (narrow) axles you could either use the 'lightweight' (air portable) narrow axle components or the wider series 2/3 components and a machined 3/4" spacer, either between the hub flange to axle case, or as I did under the drive flange to retain backwards shaft compatibility. Tom Bache in Avondale PA bought that one from me and shipped it home to the USA, so if you see UDF 906 take a look at the back axle, when he bought it it was semi one side fully the other!

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