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Thread: 4 x 6 bandsaw laser blade guide

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    4 x 6 bandsaw laser blade guide

    Well, first post! But not first tool on this site. I am the admin at and enjoy this site greatly! Lots of very inventive people here. I love that inventive spirit!

    Anyway, I have a little saw mod that I have been working on ! This is on my 4 x 6 metal bandsaw, the same Chinese one everybody sells. But this should be able to work on any saw. I had a different idea, most saw lasers are on top of the blade, mine is underneath. It can shine on the teeth and the work at the same time. The laser line is the blade width, exactly where the blade cuts.
    This is a work in progress as I work for a living and am not a tool design engineer. I know a lot of you can vastly improve this, make it prettier etc. But I have not seen one like this, Please improve it!

    The thread starts here

    And is ongoing here.

    It does work! the concept is proven, does need tweaking! I work on it as I have time.
    Happy tool making!



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    Thanks Stan - and welcome! I've added your Laser Blade Guide to our Bandsaws category, as well as to your builder page: stan the toolfool's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That is such a good invention! Functional. I'd like to have something like that on my band saw.

    Post your reply!
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