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Thread: 40mm PVC Union pliers

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    40mm PVC Union pliers

    Had to have a look at the pool pump as it stopped working yesterday.

    It is attached to the rest of the filters and valves with Unions to ease the removal in case of repairs.

    I do not have such a huge pipe wrench so this is my solution.

    40mm PVC Union pliers-pliers1.jpg

    Not the prettiest tool I have ever made, but pool has been in for 12 years and the first time I had to attend to the pump.

    40mm PVC Union pliers-pliers2.jpg

    Easily loosened off the unions and connected with no leaks.

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    very clever

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    garage nut,

    That is a useful solution for the pool union joints. During the last 20+ years I have maintained our pool systems and over time installed union joints for our three pumps and DE filter connections. Every few years I had to replace the union joint O-rings in the joint sealing surfaces to maintain an absolute suction seal but having the unions makes all repairs very simple. It makes taking apart the system so much simpler than breaking and replacing the PVC joints. I use a very large pair of Channellock pliers to loosen the union joints but have chewed-up too many of the union outer rings and think your solution is much better.

    Thanks for the posting.
    Paul Jones

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    Thanks garage nut! We've added your PVC Union Pliers to our Fastening category,
    as well as to your builder page: garage nut's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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