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Thread: 5C Collet Indexer??

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    5C Collet Indexer??

    Guys I have a Yusas 5C collet indexer that I purchase with some other stuff in package deal.I am kinda clueless on using these or any other type that does the same thing.I have watch some Youtubes such as RR in shop(fantastic) on cleaning up and milling round into square.So I was wondering if there is other Youtubes out there that shows them being used and not being modified?I also have the tail stock that goes with it but its little lower than the indexer itself but why?Thanks guys for any ideals,links or pics of you putting one to use.

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    Indexer and tailstock 'should be' at same center height or it will produce negative [-] taper. Previous owner may have used a spacer(s) to regulate height. Whatever amount lower, that angle will only be at one distance. Some tailstocks have a slotted vertical plate for any incline needed.
    They 'all' have 24 (15° intervals) set screws visible backside of spindle face to mask undesired positions. One lever actuates collet drawtube, other unlocks and gives leverage for rotation. With a little practice it's quick as can be. Most also are finished on two faces to sit vertical & horizontal. Many of us mill opposite side of casting so it will grip correctly in mill vise - quicker horizontal set ups. Only thing that might be worn is spring loaded shot pin that positions the spindle. I needed one until I found replacements we $95 in the 1990's. Instead ground one from broken endmill shank, drilled spring hole with carbide, I believe the included angle was 5°, and I crowned it compared to flat which improved the action nicely. Next time, I'd recommend W or O tool steel, 100x easier.
    My first use was to mill tapered octagonal flats, integral scalloped sight bands for rear and front sight, barreling an 1891 Argentine Mauser, looked awesome with that self contained magazine. Next was ball endmilling tapered flutes on a bull-barrelled 1903 .30-06. This also was about 1978 BCODP, before convenience of digital photography.
    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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