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Thread: 6" grinder motor for tool post grinder

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    6" grinder motor for tool post grinder

    A kind man at PM gave me an Atlas tool post grinder that he had no use for. When I received it the bearings were a little loose, so I rebuilt it. It didn't have a motor, so off to the internet to find a suitable motor.
    Ebay was a big let down. $100 for anything usable(or $56.00+$45.00 shipping). Off to the blue big box store I went. They had a Skil 6" grinder for under $30.00. This was more like it.
    At home I chucked up an aluminum(7075) dumb bell that I got 2 of at the thrift store for $5.00. This made a nice set of 3 groove serpentine pulleys for the grinder and motor. It gives me 1800, 3600 and 7200rpms. An adapter plate was used to fit the motor to the grinder. This works very well. 2belts were $12.00.6" grinder motor for tool post grinder-part951465599738815.jpg6" grinder motor for tool post grinder-part951465599636965.jpg6" grinder motor for tool post grinder-part_1465600034519.jpg6" grinder motor for tool post grinder-part_1465599980566.jpg I don't have a belt guard, as none came with it. This will be another project. The last pic shows the shaft guard I installed. I thought it would be flimsy, but it is stronger than the factory one on my milwaukee delta drill press. Us old people have a lot of these "OSHA don't know about" shaft guards. The unit I mounted it on will be posted promptly.


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    Thanks lazarus! We've added your Tool Post Grinder to our Lathe Accessories category,
    as well as to your builder page: lazarus's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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