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Thread: Tool post grinder "off lathe use bench"

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    Tool post grinder "off lathe use bench"

    I have a cover for my entire lathe that I keep on it when not in use. I don't like using the tool post grinder unless absolutely necessary. I had a need for a D reamer and wanted it right, so no bench grinder and files would work.
    Off to the scrap parts and piles I went. A tailstock from a huge demolished Oliver munitions lathe at the scrap yard for $5.00 had been sitting around for a couple years. I had saved a 5-6" centers tail stock from something someone had thrown away--this will work. A harbor freight cross slide vice for travel. A scrap of plywood and some discarded 2x4s. Discarded bed rail was the perfect fit for the V ways under the tailstock. I set everything on the plywood and lined it out and set it up for framing. Tool post grinder "off lathe use bench"-part_1465600095400.jpg
    I then framed it to excess. It is 36" x 16" with end caps and 3 braces under the metal parts. The Oliver tailstock has 3" of travel and almost 4" stroke for different length needs. The centers stock was tested with 3/4" plates stacked under it, the changed to 2 layers of 23/32 plywood and height was re-adjusted. Tool post grinder "off lathe use bench"-part951465599636965.jpgTool post grinder "off lathe use bench"-part_1465600034519.jpgTool post grinder "off lathe use bench"-part_1465599797619.jpgTool post grinder "off lathe use bench"-part_1465599687454.jpgTool post grinder "off lathe use bench"-part_1465598987800.jpg
    All parts were bolted down and 2 plates were installed in front of the cross slide vise for tweeking alignment. Tailstock bolts are tight fit and vise has 1/2" holes and 3/8" bolts to allow movement. It will not move when tightened even slightly, so this works well.
    The rough reamer was installed and checked. Some moving of the vise brought it well under .001" end to end. The tool post grinder "T slot bolt was too short so I paid $3.00 and change for a 7" long 1/2" grade 5, cut it to length and fine threads made the job complete.
    The reamer came out better than expected. Looked like a factory job. Tool post grinder "off lathe use bench"-part_1465599122959.jpg
    This will be used for profiling reamers and any grinding that can be done off my lathe.


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