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Thread: 90 fitting wrench

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    90 fitting wrench

    Anytime someone has to remove a hose from anything it normally takes 2 wrenches 1 to hold the fitting and 1 to turn the nut on the hose.
    the problem arises when there is limited space or surface to hole the fitting especially 90
    there are special socket like tools for this called weather-head sockets made by many tool companies the problem with them is you need to also use a ratchet with them and they are mostly designed to install the 90 fittings not tot hold while tightening the hose to them.
    Yesterday I needed such a tool to remove a hose from a brass fitting on an oil cooler any twisting motion will result in a cooler tube being broken
    I tried using a regular open end wench but there was little surface area to use it so I made a special hook over wrench to hold the fitting with
    I call it my 10 minute 15/16" 90 fitting wrench. First I thought I would set up my mill to cut the hook portion of the wrench to fit the fitting but I didn't want to have to spend an hour or more setting up then milling with a customer standing around waiting.
    quickest solution a few quick cuts with a torch a few minutes with an angle grinder just to knock off the rough and make the notch fit job done
    90 fitting wrench-20180620_135950.jpgbv.jpg
    90 fitting wrench-20180620_140806.jpgbv.jpg

    90 fitting wrench-20180620_143206.jpgbv.jpg
    This picture shows how well the wrench fits the fitting

    90 fitting wrench-20180620_142858.jpgbv.jpg

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