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Thread: Adjustable Carriage Feed Stop for my Hobbymat

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    Adjustable Carriage Feed Stop for my Hobbymat

    one day I was to late in switching off te feed of my Hobbymat and had to replace the pin in the main leadscrew clutch.

    So I constructed my ACFS (Adjustable Carriage Feed Stop).

    As you can see in the attached picture and movie an aluminium angle is connected to the main slide and pushes against a rod (the lower one) which 'switches off ' the feed just before the carriage touches the chuck (more or less).

    The upper part (M8 rod) is adjustable by sliding and/or turning the knob at the position I want to switch off the feed at any wanted position.

    Adjustable Carriage Feed Stop for my Hobbymat-adjustable-carriage-feed-stop-my-hobbymat.jpg

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