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Thread: An Alternate Belt Position Sign for a Drillpress or Mill/Drill

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    An Alternate Belt Position Sign for a Drillpress or Mill/Drill

    This is the work of Dave Kellogg. I'm just passing it along.

    Many drill presses and mill/drills use three pulleys and two belts. A variety of spindle RPMs can be achieved. It isn't all that hard to adjust, but it is a distraction. When I'm focused on the task at hand, I'd rather not have to stop and think about shifting belts. The sign offered here minimizes this annoyance. Dave's spreadsheet is also offered. You can change the RPM values and generate a sign that fits your needs.

    If you are interested, please see

    Your comments are welcome. All of us are smarter than any one of us.



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    I have one of those old speedway stand up drill has belts like this too....and a motor so week I could probably replace it with my 12 volt crapsman drill..... slow isant slow enough to give it much of any power to do squat...along with the small pully 's not gripping the belt...but I reckon if I give it more power it would probably twist the 1/4" star drive......I got it for when my mills have something on them. or doint some wood....even the wood is too tough for it.

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