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Thread: Aluminum Casting (videos)

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    Aluminum Casting (videos)

    I saw that someone mentioned in the forum today about their desire to begin casting aluminum. I thought it might be interesting to post a few videos showing how it's done.

    I'd say "don't try this at home", but that's entirely the point, right?

    Casting a Fire Ant Colony with Molten Aluminum by Anthill Art

    How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry by Grant Thompson

    Metal Casting at Home Part 1 Backyard Foundry by myfordboy

    Making an Aluminum Way Cover Part 1: Casting the Part in my Backyard Foundry by Keith Rucker

    Aluminum Casting cans to ingot by ROCKNTV1

    Casting an Aluminum Sign, Sand Molding and Finishing by Brian Oltrogge

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    The ant colony casting is interesting. We are not without our share of nuisance ants around here, and we use a combination of poison gel, boiling water, plus trimming the perimeter of the house to control them.

    Anyway, some of the downed logs and tree stumps have been intricately colonized by the ants, and, after exterminating them, I wonder if there's a viable woodworking project to be found there.

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