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Thread: Angle Plates 30-60-90Degrees

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    Angle Plates 30-60-90Degrees

    I have some thin angle plates but they are sometimes a little wibbly wobbly if you know what I mean, So I decided to make some quiet a bit thicker for a little more stability.

    They were made from 0-1 Tool Steel, they measure appr..750" X 2.500" X 4.250" hardened and matched ground to within .00015", that's as accurate as my cylinder square is.

    I ground the 30Deg angle on a 5" sine bar which I made, ( It's posted on Homemade as well )
    I made the 2.5000" gauge block to set the sine bar from O-1 Tool Steel. ( hardened and very very carefully ground )

    I'm going to eventually make another pair of plates that's 45-45-90 Degrees ( Same Steel )

    Below are some photos

    Thanks for looking
    And Happy Machining


    Click hear for a free set of these plans

    Angle Plates 30-60-90Degrees-100_0688.jpg

    Angle Plates 30-60-90Degrees-100_0689.jpg

    Angle Plates 30-60-90Degrees-100_0690.jpg

    Above photo shows the plates Sitting on the sine bar

    Angle Plates 30-60-90Degrees-100_0692.jpg

    A little closer look

    Angle Plates 30-60-90Degrees-100_0693.jpg

    A little closer yet

    Click hear for a freeset of these plans

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    Great work, rossbotics!

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    Thanks Doug! I've added your Angle Plates to our Machining and Measuring and Marking categories, as well as to your builder page: rossbotics' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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