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Thread: Angled depth stop for the Dremel router base

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    Angled depth stop for the Dremel router base

    As a variant of the previous tool, there is one special case where the edge is angled and not square compared to the surface, it's at the top of the head of a Gibson F5 mandolin.

    Maybe it's not very clear, but it can be seen on this picture that the edge at the very end part of the head is not square to the face plate,

    Of course, one could put it square, much facilitating the build process, but that angle is part of all that fine details that made the Gibson instruments so special and obviously, if you wish to make a Gibson like, it must be respected.
    This is a problem for cutting the binding channel in that area, so I made this variant of the depth stop, which allows to tilt the axis of the Dremel and cut that weird groove (not entirely, the rest is done by hand).

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    Thanks Christophe! I've added your Angled Router Base Depth Stop to our Luthiery category, as well as to your builder page: Christophe Mineau's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    A useful, if specialized, accessory to your depth stop. But as you said, it's the little details that separate a craftsman's work from a run of the mill product.

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