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Thread: Backhoe bucket quick disconnect

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    Backhoe bucket quick disconnect

    Recently a customer and close friend of mine placed a Ford 755 backhoe in my custody for life as he stated it All I needed to do was get it running and take care of the upkeep.
    Well It hasn't been used but once or twice since I borrowed it briefly about 18 years ago to dig a storm cellar at my house.The last time it was started was 6 years ago. Anyway long story short it only took a short time to get it running and hauled to my place. It was then that I decided that I wanted a quick release attachment for the hoe bucket as I plan on building a mesquite root grubbing bucket for it and attaching my 6 ft hydraulic flail mower that I salvaged
    To start out with I had a hunk of 1" ASTM 514 (T1) steel left over from some previous job Perfect use for it I thought.
    first I laid out the side pieces and some other bits than hand torched them into parts.
    Backhoe bucket quick disconnect-20160820_145241c.jpg Backhoe bucket quick disconnect-20160820_153157c.jpg Backhoe bucket quick disconnect-20160820_173408c.jpg Backhoe bucket quick disconnect-20160821_172556c.jpg Backhoe bucket quick disconnect-20160821_172844c.jpg Backhoe bucket quick disconnect-20160825_091139c.jpg Backhoe bucket quick disconnect-20160825_142711c.jpg Backhoe bucket quick disconnect-20160825_161630c.jpg
    For the lock for now I took the easy way out and used the 3rd hole in the bucket latter on I may add a flip lock inside the attachment for the times when a bucket I might be using doesn't have 3 pin locations
    Backhoe bucket quick disconnect-20160825_161642c.jpg

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    Well done Frank. That may just be the inspiration I need to build one for the Ford 655 we have had for 15 years! I have a quick hitch on the front to change between loader attachments. I made it to suit the attachments that fit our Ag tractor loader so we can use the same things on both loaders.
    Well done you are a good custodian!

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