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Thread: Ball And Radius Turning Attachment

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    Ball And Radius Turning Attachment

    I have seen different versions of radius turning tools all over the net, I have pretty much all tools to do just about anything possible, The one thing I didn't have was one of these, I probably want use it very much but never the less I made one to fit my Clausing 14" X 48 Lathe.
    I have made allot of knobs and things of that nature from time to time whenever there was a call for it, and I would always make a knurled straight knob, So I wanted to be able to make a lot of variations of handles and ball knobs.
    Ball And Radius Turning Attachment-100_0578.jpg
    The main body was made from O-1 Tool Steel, The tool bit holder was made from 5/8" 303 stainless steel and so was the turning handle and radius adjusting screw.
    Ball And Radius Turning Attachment-100_0579.jpg
    There is an aluminum knurled knob on top of the radius adjustment screw, and the pivoting handle has an aluminum ball on the end of it which I made with this tool.
    Ball And Radius Turning Attachment-100_0580.jpg
    The main body has 45 degree male and female dovetail slides with 6-32 screws on the side for take up which works effortless, the radius adjusting screw is 3/8"-24 for a fine adjustment,
    Ball And Radius Turning Attachment-100_0581.jpg
    The lever collar was made from 2" bar stock, 4140 Heat treated, I used my BXA boring bar holder from my quick change tool post for the pivoting shaft to turn in, which was made from 3/4" 4140 Heat treated bar stock.

    I didn't do any drawings or anything just rough sketches on paper here in the shop, but with a little imagination and maybe some trial and error you can make one just as good or better.

    Happy Machining


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    Thanks rossbotics! I've added your Ball Turning and Radius Attachment to our Machining category, as well as to your builder page: rossbotics' Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    I love your idea. Thanks for showing us.

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    Doug, very clever! Modifying/adapting a quick change tool holder will make radius turning job a lot easier. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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    Hi rossbotics. Could you show some pic of the point of the tool bit you use in this ball turning attachment? or a drawing with its geometry?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Really nice lathe attachment! Doug.

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