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Thread: Band saw...wood to metal

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    Band saw...wood to metal

    Picked up a wood cutting bandsaw,then my neighbour Dave and I converted to metal cutting using a DC motor(on-line idea) from my warden's old treadmill.Geared it down using pulleys and still using the speed dial and shutoff key from the treadmill.And with the speed control we can speed it up for cutting wood.Added a brush for the lower pulley,a bearing to support behind the blade,and an on-board vacuum using the copper pipe just under the deck. Works like a champ.Band saw...wood to metal-img-20121014-00584.jpgBand saw...wood to metal-img-20121014-00592.jpgBand saw...wood to metal-img-20121014-00591.jpgBand saw...wood to metal-img-20121014-00590.jpgBand saw...wood to metal-img-20121014-00589.jpgBand saw...wood to metal-img-20121014-00588.jpgBand saw...wood to metal-img-20121014-00587.jpgBand saw...wood to metal-img-20121014-00586.jpgBand saw...wood to metal-img-20121014-00585.jpgBand saw...wood to metal-img-20121014-00593.jpg

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    Thanks ecm_this! I've added your Bandsaw Conversion to our Bandsaws category, as well as to your builder page: ecm_this's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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