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Thread: Bead roller

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    Bead roller

    Hi All
    I have completed the main part of the bead roller made from 50 mm box section and 25 mm diameter shafts. There are still bits I have to make such as the dies and sort the motor drive out.

    Bead roller-completed-bead-roller.jpg

    I have decided to use a clutched 1/2 HP industrial sewing machine motor which is ideal as it is single phase.

    Bead roller-clutch-motor-2.jpg Bead roller-clutched-motor.jpg

    I have added a lot of features such as a toggle clamp to maintain the die pressure so repeat ability can be maintained if making several parts with the same die and gauge material

    Bead roller-die-clamping-open.jpg

    Toggle clamp open (tension springs to be to fitted to lift shaft bearing housing to give clearance for material to be positioned the toggle clamp will then extend the tension springs and lock the dies to desired depth)

    Bead roller-die-clamping-closed.jpg

    Toggle clamp closed. Pressure can be increased or decreased via the locking clamp.

    I have also locked the two arms to prevent springing and incorporated the fence/stop to be mounted to this brace.
    Adjustable bead roller stop/fence

    Bead roller-brace-clamps-missing-knob.jpg Bead roller-place.jpg

    The gear drive was calculated to give the desired distance between the shafts centres and ordered from eBay. There is also a locking clamp that can be seen in the photo which allows the shaft to move to align the dies, but still allows the gears to mesh to maintain the drive of both shafts.

    Bead roller-gear-drive.jpg

    There is a manual hand wheel which can either be removed completely or just unscrew the handles when the motor drive is in use.

    Bead roller-drive-pulley-hand-wheel.jpg

    Other views of bead roller.

    Bead roller-back-assembly.jpg Bead roller-completed-assembly.jpg Bead roller-brace-fence-assembly.jpg

    Thank you for taking the time to view
    The Home Engineer

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