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Thread: Bending fork and bending plate

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    Bending fork and bending plate

    Bending fork and bending plate-2f6bc4fb-0530-4019-971e-f7c996997921.jpg
    Bending fork and bending plate-157d56f1-7d86-4ff0-8630-28b5733beb28.jpg
    Last week, I posted how I had forged some mild steel flat bar into ellipses in order to support bottles, so that they are less likely to be knocked over. In order to refine the curves after hammering, I used this bending fork, which is made from half a garden fork. And the handle is off garden shears! The picture below shows the bending plate, which is just a quarter inch plate with some half inch holes drilled through it, screwed to a thick piece of plywood. Two of the holes go through the bench. The old box spanner, which happened to be the right size has got to be cut down so it doesnít get in the way, but I havenít got round to doing that.

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