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Thread: Boeing 737 thrust reverser - GIF

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    Boeing 737 thrust reverser - GIF

    Boeing 737 thrust reverser.


    MD-80 deploying thrust reversers - GIF
    Business jet thrust reverser - GIF
    Blackburn Buccaneer split tailcone air brake - GIF

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    do these devices actually reverse the thrust, or simply negate the thrust, and create a large airbrake (the change in fuselage "size" coupled with a large cloud of gas attached to the airframe via the engine cowl)?
    on the F100s the thrust brake appears to direct air sideways, not forwards, so reversing probably isn't the right term...

    just curious

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    It actually does reverse the thrust. A jet can actually reverse using this method and it is ocassionally done at smaller airports. This picture is of the thrust reverser on an old 737-200. This system blew soot all over the aft fuselage and the aircraft soon looked awful. A modified reverse system was introduced which extended the exhaust duct and redirected the reversed gasses away from the aircraft.

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    Growing up very near the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III final assembly plant, I witnessed many "short field" landings using the C-17's reverse thrusters. It is truly amazing to see such a large aircraft land and stop in just a few hundred yards. Quite loud, too.
    The C-17 can actually engage the reverse thrusters while in flight, for what they call a Tactical Descent.

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    My first flight alone was right beside the widow at the engine, and they used the thrust reversal method of stopping. Air brakes is the best analogy. Did we ever come to a stop quickly. Kinda scared me until we stopped so suddenly and I figured out that the jet engine was not coming apart.

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