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Thread: Bugatti Pedal Car Build Part 2 (Wheels)

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    Bugatti Pedal Car Build Part 2 (Wheels)

    Bugatti Pedal Car Build Part 2 (Wheels)-img_9787.jpg

    This video is the second part of a series and shows the fabrication of the wheels. Next week will cover the fabrication of the drive train, rear axle/crank assembly, front wheel spindles, steering gear, and so on.

    This is not my own design, and I purchased the plans. If there is sufficient interest in pedal car plans, let me know, and perhaps I’ll work on a couple of new model designs – in which case, I’ll post them in pdf form for free on my web site.

    Buy plans to build your own Bugatti Pedal Car by going to: Stevenson Projects

    Here's the Video:

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