This video is the third part of a series and shows the fabrication of the rear crankshaft/axle assembly, front wheel spindles, and tie rod. Next week I will begin the body construction (Part 4).

I purchased plans to build a 1920ís scaled down replica of a Bugatti, open wheel, grand prix race car, in the form of a kidís pedal car. Iím building and donating the pedal car to the Womanís Health Resource, Library ( ) for their annual fund-raising auction on July 28th, 2018, during the local Milbridge Days (Milbridge, Maine) celebration. The auction will be held at ďThe Seaworthy CenterĒ on Main Street in Milbridge.

This is not my own design, and I purchased the plans. If there is sufficient interest in pedal car plans, let me know, and perhaps Iíll work on a couple of new model designs Ė in which case, Iíll post them in pdf form for free on my web site.

You can buy plans to build your own Bugatti Pedal Car by going to: Stevenson Projects

Here's the video for Part 3 of the Bugatti Pedal Car Build: