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Thread: Building a Blacksmithing Forge out of an Old Propane Bottle

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    Lightbulb Building a Blacksmithing Forge out of an Old Propane Bottle

    Hi everyone, Im back!
    Since Im a student, my builds and tools are all low budget and mostly self made. This also applies to my blacksmithing Gas Forge.
    Its a simple build and works perfectly! As insulation Ive been using Ceramic wool and a special refractory cement. This makes the heat mostly stay inside the bottle. While its about 1200C ( 2200F) inside, Im under 100C (212F) on the outside.
    Ive been using this forge for many hours now, it burned way less gas then my first test setup and stays hot for hours after the burners are shut off.
    This makes it good for heat treating blades as well!
    As always, thank you for checking it out, if youve got any questions, feel free to ask!

    Have a good one and keep forging!

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