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Thread: Plane conversion- scraper plane from Stanley smoother

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    Plane conversion- scraper plane from Stanley smoother

    Plane conversion- scraper plane from Stanley smoother-3314edc3-8b25-4f9c-b3e7-7d643ca7afee.jpg
    This started as a smoothing plane I’d retrieved lacking handles, irons etc, and I already have more than one already.
    Plane conversion- scraper plane from Stanley smoother-abf1c5d6-7fbe-4f28-a1a4-5a341e1178d5.jpg
    I thought I would use the existing frog as the basis for adjustment, so I made a plate to screw on to the back of the scraper frog, which is the main part of the conversion
    Plane conversion- scraper plane from Stanley smoother-8cefb11e-39d0-40c4-ac92-a8ce06e6ea6b.jpg

    The idea was to make a bridge to hold the blade down on the frog and have a central screw to flex the blade, hence the threaded insert. However, this proves unnecessary. The frog I made has a slight camber which gives sufficient rigidity, when the bridge is bolted down.
    Plane conversion- scraper plane from Stanley smoother-3132d6cf-54e7-47eb-86e7-777ce465b7ab.jpg
    Here you see the blade, bridge and other bits.
    Although I am satisfied with the result, a disadvantage is that, to sharpen the blade, I must unscrew the bolts on the bridge and the redundant central screw, and to do that, I must also remove the front tote! However, I think that I shall cut down an Allen key to access the bridge screws, and make a couple more blades, simple T shapes, without the slots. I am glad that the adjustment works satisfactorily, because although I could increase the depth of cut with a tap from a hammer, there’s no other way of retracting it.
    I might just add that I made a batch of 6 totes, because I have a couple of other planes to restore, and couldn’t be sure of the fit. This one is a bit large, but comfortable.
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