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Thread: Carburetor work stands from old valves

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    Lightbulb Carburetor work stands from old valves

    What do you do with old intake valves? You could scrap them or, make yourself a set of carb work stands!

    Just be sure that the stem size will fit your carb, in my case they are 5/16 and just fit the holes in this Edelbrock carb.

    You could by locking collars to fit but I had some metal spacers so I drilled and tapped them for some 1/4-20 set screws. Just set them to any height you like and it keeps the carb raised up so it's not sitting on the throttle lever. A great way to work on a carb or to store one.

    You may opt to trim them down in height if desired.

    P.S. I am planning to take these to a power wire wheel to remove the old carbon but that's detail work...
    Carburetor work stands from old valves-dscn7445.jpg
    Carburetor work stands from old valves-dscn7446.jpg
    Carburetor work stands from old valves-dscn7447.jpg

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    Thanks bobs409! We've added your Carburetor Stand to our Carburetor category,
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    Nice one bobs409! Never thought of using old valves. Made several types over the years, mainly round bar with a threaded end and nuts on the top side of the carbs. I did make a set years ago for the infamous Variable Venturi (Ford version) to keep it level for bench setup. They had an adjustable foot screws on the bottom side of each. Thanks will remember that trick! ~PJ

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