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Thread: Cattle dipping - GIF

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    Cattle dipping - GIF

    Cattle dipping. Presented on the internet as "how cows take a bath", but more likely to dip them in pesticide.


    Tractor cattle rotator - photo
    Trailer of cattle almost tips over - GIF
    Cattle dehorning tool - GIF and patents
    Cattle operating water pump - GIF
    Cattle-powered sugar cane press - GIF

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    hey Ethel!! come on in the waters fine!!! bring Elsie too!!

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    A lighter tan colored one [second one in vid] obviously been through before; got his cannonball down pat.
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    A few years ago one of the ranches in a nearby county took delivery on several trailer loads of cattle that were infested with ticks and other parasites.
    The cattle came from out of state and were part of a huge herd being broken up due to a bankruptcy or something. many didn't even have ear tags or tattoos so portable vats and spray wash rigs were hauled to the ranch where the cattle were be loaded out from to pre treat them before hauling then they were treated again upon arrival. People complain about the price of meat they buy in the store have no idea what is entailed to insure that meat is disease free and of top quality
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    yes I do agree growing food isant cheep or eazy to do. no mater what the scale of things. of coarse some people think fishing is like free food with no work...but they didnt buy all the equipment needed and the bait and then try to out think a critter that has a brain you probably could not find if you tried to.then theres the dam smell and cleaning....and the fuel..and the sun burn... makes me gladd I have fruit trees.....that are a constant work source. and...the birds, and the squirls...and then the bug pest. hell the birds and squirls got every apple this year.( I only have 1 apple tree and 1 peach tree to try to keep the critters away from my other produce works a little.I didnt get any peaches either.I hate to spray stink on the other trees to try to keep the criters out.but all it takes is a peck or 2 and that fruit is wasted.. of coarse my farm critters are doing extremely well. thousand of lizards everywhere!!!!

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