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Thread: Chain Saw Drill Attachment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyacheslav.Nevolya View Post
    Attachment 28706 Attachment 28707

    I've heard a lot of criticism. That's the essence of the problem. I build my own house, do everything myself, builders I do not hire. In order to secure wooden beams on the ceiling, steel pins need to be put into concrete. For this purpose it is necessary to make in concrete many openings in diameter of 18 mm. Someone recommends that the best cordless drill is you serious? Holes in concrete with a 18 mm cordless drill? The cordless drill will die in a couple of minutes. The house is not yet connected to the mains, it is necessary to look for a way out of the situation. I had an old broken drill, I decided to connect it to the chainsaw, but provided that the chainsaw remains preserved. So I agree that the design is dangerous and awkward, but its purpose is to drill holes in concrete, and then throw it away and forget. Thank you all for your attention.
    My intention wasn't criticize. I actually liked that your version is better than that one i posted.

    Your version can be still used as a chainsaw when needed.
    Personally i think that its enough to show the idea, guards, handles are stuff that people can add to their own builds, if they find those necessary.

    This made me think, could this work with the 25cc grass trimmer that i have...

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