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Thread: Cheap and easy forming tool.

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    Cheap and easy forming tool.

    While rebuilding the rusty cowls on my '56 wagon I needed to make a cover plate for the lower door hinge pocket.

    The plate needed that pocket to clear the two bolt ends that hold the lower hinge plate on.
    To make the pocket I threaded an old acorn lug nut onto a long 7/16-20 bolt.

    I clamped a piece of 16ga to my big vise. The marker circles are where the "pocket" will start and stop.

    I just whaled away with a drilling hammer until I had the shape and depth I needed.

    It took no time at all to get the shape pounded in. I had to do a bit of straightening after the beating but the piece shaped up quickly and will do the job.

    These get welded over the lower hinge pockets on both sides.

    Once everything is painted and sealed up the outer cowl is welded on. These will never see the light of day again...


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