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Thread: Cheapskate LED Lamp

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    Cheapskate LED Lamp

    Cheapskate LED Lamp-cheapskate-lamp-2.jpg
    Cheapskate LED Lamp-cheapskate-lamp-3.jpg

    Note that the pins on an MR-16 LED lamp are about the same spacing as romex cable.
    So I soldered the two conductors in a scrap of romex (I used 14 ga. but 12 or 10 would be even better) to the MR16, stapled the cable to some scrap wood, hooked up an old 12 volt wall wart (I've tried both AC and DC, they both worked), and I've got a lamp on a flexible mast.
    I used a 4 watt lamp, but I now see 7 watt examples on ebay for around $5.

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    Great idea, jrlaundau!

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    Thanks jrlandau! I've added your LED Lamp to our Lighting category, as well as to your builder page: jrlandau's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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