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Thread: Chimney Hood

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    Chimney Hood

    Our weather vane + chimney cap

    We call him Random Belchfire

    Chimney Hood-img_20200320_124912.jpg

    He's around 30 years old. Needs cleaning but since we're moving before next winter we'll just remove him from the cap and pack him.


    Build rectangular cap that fits over chimney using scrap sheet steel.

    Fabricate a drip ring from steel strip and weld to rectangular cap to keep rain from running along the top and falling in.

    Figure how tall you want the opening, we went with sort of square.

    Find a piece of steel tube or pipe and a round steel bar that fits inside.

    Build the rotating cap. Rectangular flat plate with a piece of opened up stove pipe welded to it.

    Weld your tube in the middle making sure it's 90 degrees to the top.

    Add a cross bar to the rectangular cap.

    Weld the round bar to the cross bar so that when you place a MARBLE (secret item) inside the tube the cap rides at the correct height. A glass marble works very well, won't rust.

    Assemble to test fit.

    Find the marble you just lost.

    Cut out dragon with torch.

    Weld to rotating cap so a large part of the dragon is over the open end to catch the wind.

    Add counterweight so it balances on rod.

    Paint with high temperature paint.

    Install on chimney.

    Get another marble since you dropped that one down the black hole.

    Install more carefully.


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