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Thread: chinese lathe main screw clutch

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    chinese lathe main screw clutch

    i have a chinese lathe and there's some systems that doesn't work well when you carry relatively heavy work ,the clutch is one .
    i've found a solution based on scrap parts , my English is a little rusted so i put pictures ,the first is the molding of the bloc
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-brut-de-coul-e.jpg
    here the casting raw

    chinese lathe main screw clutch-pignon-axe-cr-maillere.jpg
    this is the parts that drives the added clutch shell
    i' ve made a new nut in two parts , one moved by the original system one by the added system

    chinese lathe main screw clutch-debray-.jpg
    unclutched position

    chinese lathe main screw clutch-embray-.jpg

    chinese lathe main screw clutch-fini.jpg
    finished work
    i hope that will be usefull
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails chinese lathe main screw clutch-mis-en-place-2.jpg  

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    ok i've to add some détails to my post just to make the way clear .
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-2brut2.jpg
    so after casting the work begins by cutting around the blank
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-4rainure-cr-maillere.jpg
    after milling the faces cut the slot ,bore the pignion place and the main screw hole
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-5face-ar.jpg
    it will look like this now lets machine the front face
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-6avant.jpg
    first step ,the square boss is for the clutch bar it will be rounded later
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-7apr-s.jpg
    the boss rounded
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-8prepos1.jpg
    the parts together just to see
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-13r-glage-jeux.jpg
    the external nut with four small screws to adjust the play between the nut and the screw(the adjustment must be done before mouting the system on the lathe)
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-10rlt-en-place.jpg
    on the front face a bearing is set to guide the screw
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-11montage-blanc-dessous.jpg
    the parts pré set
    chinese lathe main screw clutch-9eb-eq.jpg
    the bar that supports the added nut
    that's all for the moment
    if some want more infos please ask

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