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Thread: Chucking an odd part in the 3 jaw with shims

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    Chucking an odd part in the 3 jaw with shims

    Its Friday afternoon you have every fitting to complete a project save one. the nearest fitting house that is only a probability of having the fitting you need is 40 miles away and they are not answering their phone after 3 PM for some reason. So you call all of the oilfield hose, pump and supply houses within a 70 mile radius none have what you need but there is a place 90 miles away who thinks they have one.
    Well I for one am not making a 180 mile round trip for a single fitting trying to make half the trip in under an hour for anything,
    I'll make my own if I can find a couple fittings to modify and weld together.
    to do this I needed to chuck a -6 to 3/8 NPT 90 elbow in my small lathe but it only has a 3 jaw chuck.
    Here is how I did it
    I placed the end to be cut off on a drill bit in the chuck on the tail stock guided it tot eh 3 jaw then shimmed 1 jaw to get it centered
    Chucking an odd part in the 3 jaw with shims-img_20211105_162421bf.jpg
    Chucking an odd part in the 3 jaw with shims-img_20211105_162829bf.jpg

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    Never try to tell me it can't be done
    When I have to paint I use KBS products

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    DOne this more than once. Soft soldered some of them, Hard soldered other. When you are far from supplies you gotta get creative!

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