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Thread: Clamp Knurler Repair

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    jjr2001 you may be looking at this from the wrong perspective. instead of trying to drill and tap into the end use a pin wiht a large head then grind a flat so it cannot turn then hold it in with a dog ear from the side. the body of the clamp has a lot of meat on it you could drill and tap in the thicker part close enough to the head of the pin that a washer would hold it in place.
    Just get you some drill rod or even a couple of old broken drill bits large enough to make the heads out of then heat them up and normalize or anneal them turn the pin then re harden them

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    Never try to tell me it can't be done
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    Thanks Frank,so many ways to fix things!
    Cheers, JR

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    Hello JR,

    I'll search around to see what can I find in inch size, dowel, drill or an end mill. There is a shop here that has old stock perhaps might has something? Thanks again for the idea!


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