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Thread: CNC Cabinet

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    CNC Cabinet

    I've been gratefully learning from this website for a very long time, and finally decided it was time to add my own post. This is my 4-axis CNC cabinet that I built from an old IBM server. The reason for making it a standalone controller is so I can move it between a shop-built CNC router (in use for five years), a 10X22 metal lathe (currently adding two stepper motors), and a Chinese Mill-Drill (currently adding three steppers.)

    The cabinet has my own Franken-PSU design, plus dual relays for G-Code control over the spindle and vacuum. I use external cooling at this time, but intend to put two fans inside when I eventually reduce the size of the power supply.

    The mounting for the drivers is an ancient chopped up CandCNC ( system that they don't offer any more.

    The dual 110V universal sockets on the back of the cabinet provide separate 15-Amp circuits - one for the controller, computer and stepper motors..., the other to power the spindle and vacuum motors. The two 110V receptacles on top of the cabinet are the relay outputs

    I use 4-pin XLR connectors (I had them laying around), to drive four Gecko G203V drivers. The cabinet has a kill switch on the front panel - as well as a Emergency switch on a long cable - that use a 10Watt resistor to instantly drain the capacitors. I also added four toggle switches to kill and reset individual axes.

    My youngest daughter felt the cabinet needed some adornment - that's her tribal design in gloss black over matte black.

    That's about it, I think. Comments of all types are welcome.


    CNC Cabinet-cnc_cabinet_04.jpgCNC Cabinet-cnc_cabinet_03.jpgCNC Cabinet-dsc00002.jpgCNC Cabinet-cnc_cabinet_01.jpgCNC Cabinet-cnc_cabinet_02.jpg

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    Thanks davegsc! We've added your CNC Cabinet to our CNC category,
    as well as to your builder page: davegsc's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Hi davegsc
    Thank you for the post I am just about to start a conversion on a manual mill (I say about to start hopefully will have all the bits needed by Christmas). I have added the link to the post I submitted on HMT This is a step learning curve so still researching the best way forward as I have never completed or tackled any project like this before. I am quite excited about the build as the donor mill I think makes for a good starting point for the project.
    Thank your daughter and I will try and compete with tribal design in gloss black when I get to that stage.
    The Home Engineer

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