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Thread: CNC tube cutter - video

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    CNC tube cutter - video

    CNC tube cutter. By Rob Broomfield. 5:48 video:


    Tube Bender Build Guide
    Tubing press/cut/punch machine - GIF
    Glass tube cutting machine - GIF

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    Some thoughts, which may or may not be right or useful.
    : - )

    The judder on the X 'may' be that the load is cantilevered out rather far. It could be that adding an arm that makes the traveling part into a T shape so the load is balanced?

    Also, can you adjust the accel/decel ramp?

    It may be also that the rigidity of the linear nearing mounts causes it to have a lot of stiction which breaks loose and induces a resonance?
    You may try running the x-axis with two of the linear bearings slightly loosened on their mounts.

    It may be that you don't need such great rigidity, since the cutting forces are nil, it's only got to haul the torch around, and with well-done festooning or use of E-chain, the cable drag is minimal.
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    Good work sir. Very impressive. Re: judder is there any tension, distortion etc in the long box section? Can you slide that axis by hand ( with drive disconnected ) to check for sticking? If it is smooth when moved by hand, then your drive may be influencing it negatively.

    Keep at it, you will fix it. Cheers from mid-Canada

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