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Thread: Congratulations new Must Read award winners

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    Congratulations new Must Read award winners

    After doing our monthly move of most-thanked posts to our Must Read subforum, which contains our best homemade tool builds, we have three new award winners.

    Congratulations to LMMasterMariner, our new winner of the 10-Time Must Read Discussion award:

    Congratulations to Frank S, our new winner of the 25-Time Must Read Discussion award:

    And, congratulations to me! Looks like the work I've been putting in on my Tool Talk posts has paid off, because enough of them have merited sufficient "Thanks" votes to be moved into the Must Read subforum to earn a shiny new 25-Time Must Read Discussion award. Fortunately the patent has expired on this "Pat on the back apparatus", because I think I'll build one for myself.

    You'll see a new award icon in our postbits, underneath our avatars. The Must Read award is a long-term distinction that's difficult to achieve, and recognizes the value of posts that might not be awarded a Homemade Tool of the Week award in a specific week. We don't grant a cash prize for this award, but fortunately it comes with serious bragging rights

    Here are the current counts of usernames and total number of threads in the Must Read subforum, for everyone who has 10 or more threads in the Must Read subforum.

    | postusername       | count |
    | mklotz             |    77 |
    | Paul Jones         |    36 |
    | rossbotics         |    32 |
    | Jon                |    29 |
    | Christophe Mineau  |    28 |
    | Frank S            |    27 |
    | tonyfoale          |    24 |
    | rgsparber          |    23 |
    | olderdan           |    23 |
    | jjr2001            |    20 |
    | Vyacheslav.Nevolya |    16 |
    | astroracer         |    15 |
    | MetalDesigner      |    13 |
    | Captainleeward     |    12 |
    | Tuomas             |    12 |
    | Brendon            |    11 |
    | LMMasterMariner    |    10 |
    If you want to nominate a thread to be moved into the Must Read subforum, simply click the "Thanks" icon in the lower left-hand corner of a post, and the most-thanked posts will be easy for us to review.

    All award winners are listed here: Homemade Tools Forum - Awards

    To see all Must Read tools, in easy-to-browse tool card format, simply click the "Best" tab at the top of the page.

    173 Best Homemade Tools eBook

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