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Thread: Container handler righting tilted container - GIF

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    Container handler righting tilted container - GIF

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    I think that's the company that moved our stuff.

    Actually, the packers were the biggest issue. Stuff taken out of boxes and packed separately, somehow every spool of sewing thread (all were originally in a bag with the end of each spool tied off) mostly unwound into a big ball. Our first trade show banner used to wrap some other items...

    And then, 5 months after we get here they say "oh, by the way, you owe $$$ more". Err, what? Our lawyer asked where in the contract it said they could bill us 5 months after delivery was signed for. They threatened to escalate. Our lawyer convinced them otherwise (GREAT lawyer!)

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    So glad my furniture and household goods weren't in that container !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bony View Post
    So glad my furniture and household goods weren't in that container !
    Nope! Nothing in there but antique glassware, some crystal stemwear and vintage china...

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