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Thread: A Corner Chisel

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    Lightbulb A Corner Chisel

    Still Unpacking TOOLS . . .

    Here is a tool I made just for working on the Corners of Floors: they are difficult to develop to the same "Plane” or level that the floor is Sanded to.

    The blade is simply a “replacement" for a Block Plane, made by Buck Brothers. I took a piece of Scrap Red Oak, cut off the bottom "grooves" from the wood, penciled in the shape of the blade, and used the largest Forstner Bit in our drill press to remove the wood to the depth of the blades thickness.

    After testing the blades fit (a tight fit by the way) I then drew the hole of the blade, and then drilled it for the tri-star knobs thread.

    I used a small Forstner Bit to cut the size of the hex nut, then simply chisled out the six corners. IIRC, the nut is Super Glued in as a "fail Safe" that it can not fall out, if I disassemble to sharpen the blade.

    Unfortunately I have misplaced the Original Cap I made to cover the blade: It was also Red Oak, This new one is all Baltic Birch, including some Baltic Birch "Fines"

    I learned to Save Sawdust from Every Species I work with, and Sift it until only a ~fine~ Flour like powder remains. Old Timers would mix that with Shelac to fill nail holes, knot holes or splits, etc. I usually pack the "Fines" into the problem, then a drop or two of Thin Super Glue fixes the dust into the pores of the wood Body!

    Here are a few photos:

    A Corner Chisel-top-view-protector-cap-removed.jpg
    A Corner Chisel-top-view-protective-cap.jpg
    A Corner Chisel-side-view-corner-chisel.jpg

    I tried but failed on the Bottom view, Oh Well, this time I did get images to Upload (watched the 2-Minute Tutorial, twice! ! !

    philip, From the Great Pacific North-WET, Its Dry today, but Do Not tell anybody, because they will MOVE Here!

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    The Tool, and The Scrap Red Oak Flooring is only 30 years old or so, the OLD Cover was also Red Oak, but Now LOST, Until Maybe found in "that last Moving box unpacked": The Current cover is from Scrap 1/8" 3Mil Baltic Birch Plywood, Superglued together.

    > > > And I could not trick Software to upload the really wonderful photo of the Bottom, Using your Imagination, there is a Nut PUSHED into the Chiseled recepticle! It has Never Fallen Out, doing its Job Very well!

    Try TRY Again:

    And maybe there is a Limit on Size??? I am not all that smart any more Old age it seems is caused by Loss Of Marbles, even though Marbles is the name of my cat, playing in the Corner, RIGHT Now!

    Philip, the day is Great inthe the PNW

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