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Thread: Creating a lake using a hydrogen bomb - video

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    Creating a lake using a hydrogen bomb - video

    Soviets detonating a 140-kiloton thermonuclear weapon to create an artificial lake in Kazakhstan on January 15, 1965. The test was a part of the USSR's program to investigate peaceful nuclear explosions.



    Underground nuclear test - GIF
    Nuclear detonation rope trick effect - photo
    F-104 Starfighter nuclear bomb toss bombing technique - GIF
    The Gadget nuclear device - photo and video
    Nuclear airburst test - GIF

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    I can't believe how many people used to think it was a sane idea to do this.

    In the 1960's, project Carryall was created to carve out I-40 highway out of the Bristol Mountains in Southern California. Had the project proceeded, it would have used 23 atomic bombs for an estimated savings of 8 million dollars over traditional construction! There was also project Plowshare which would have used nukes to create a new Panama canal and new harbor in Alaska.

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    There had to be some 'downwinders' — somewhere — who were adversely effected by the additional roentgens of radiation exposure. (That sh..stuff doesn't just go away — it goes somewhere.)

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    -Fission is Plutonium for the People!

    Quote Originally Posted by Scotsman Hosie View Post
    There had to be some 'downwinders' — somewhere — who were adversely effected by the additional roentgens of radiation exposure. (That sh..stuff doesn't just go away — it goes somewhere.)
    That was the designed side effect of the Project Pluto/ SLAM:
    - the first intercontinental nuclear ramjet tercom cruise missile, booming and zooming at Mach 3
    below the radar sporting sixteen 1 MT hydrogen bombs.
    After deplying those, the thought was to have the missile criss-cross over the Soviet landscape
    spewing out fission products from the 600MW "open core" ramjet engine until it burned itself out and eventually crashed...

    Creating a lake using a hydrogen bomb - video-slam-flite-profile.jpg

    Estimated effects on life forms on the ground:
    First a Mach 3 sonic shockwave from the missile just above the treetops,
    enough to rupture any bodily cavities in animal life forms below the flight path.
    then a 1 MT H-bomb, and if that wouldn't finish the red-coats off,
    lastly the hot fission products raining down over the taiga.

    Another take on a Karl Marx quote: -Fission is Plutonium for the People!

    Several nuclear ramjet engines were successfully tested at Jackass Flats NV,
    but how should the airframe flight tests be conducted?
    And what would the allied or other countries say when they were overflown enroute....

    Project was finally ditched in July, 1964, as ICBMs would've hit their targets before Pluto even would've got outta the kennel...

    Air & Space Mag, Apr-May 1990: Project Pluto

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    Just wondering how many 2-headed fish were caught out of the lake.

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    They hkghkyki

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