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Thread: Cyclone pre-filter for shop vac

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    Cyclone pre-filter for shop vac

    A fleamarket find for under two bucks and some scrap pieces started this fast, tiny project:
    An air-tight metallic coffee can (110 mm dia x 180 mm tall) with an old, free, discarded and eviscerated 3-phase,
    400 V 63 Amp CEE plug (original at left pic, top right) makes a "Cyclone Pre-filter" thru a 15 min DIY session:

    Cyclone pre-filter for shop vac-cyclone-innards.jpg Cyclone pre-filter for shop vac-shop-vac-cyclone.jpg

    Turn a 85-ish mm hole in the plastic lid, drill 4 bolt holes holes and fit between the plug top and bottom
    (that already has been relieved from the brass connectors and their holder).

    Drill/ grind/ butcher a tangential hole near the can's rim, that'll just fit a left-over, chopped-off bike saddle post with Epoxy,
    attach a dishwasher emptying tube (always "a good keep"),
    and a piece of plastic conduit for a nozzle to get into all these tight spots.

    Stab the nozzle of your household vac tube into the top, as the former cable grommet will give a squeeze fit.
    Use at desired noise & speed of your vac, and empty by just snapping the lid aside.
    You could also drop a magnet at the bottom for collecting tiny magnetic chips/ grinding dust, and stuff some coarse filter
    (as I put som stringy, long Al swarf) in the red exhaust tube (center left).
    This pre-filter takes also care of the really hot stuff: swarf and grinding dust, so your shop vac's dust bag won't catch fire.

    Having just said that - the usual disclaimer applies: Be safe, do your own risk assessment and consequence analysis beforehand.
    -Don't come whining to me if you found out (and survived) that sucking up paint thinner or gasoline wasn't such a good idea.

    Small to store, easy to use and clean, and above all: -DIRT CHEAP! (Bad pun intended)

    Tip: Remember to save the fine free machining brass pins from the plug for future lathe projects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIYSwede View Post
    ........attach a dishwasher emptying tube (always "a good keep"),
    Tip: Remember to save the fine free machining brass pins from the plug for future lathe projects.
    I like your style, I too save those sorts of things. I throw very little away.

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    Thanks DIYSwede! We've added your Shop Vac Pre Filter to our Cleaning category,
    as well as to your builder page: DIYSwede's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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