Every year, the WHRL (Women for Healthy Rural Living, formerly: Women’s Health Resource Library) hold a fund-raising auction and raffle. This local non-profit provides numerous programs and services such as “Bone-Builders,” Yoga, Tai-Chi, Weight Watchers, Scholarships for students studying Nursing, and others. They also built a new park with a walking track, kid’s playground, and vegetable & fruit gardens on a scenic ocean front property just off Main Street in our town of Milbridge, Maine. On top of that, the WHRL has around 16 veggie/fruit gardens scattered all about tow, including a 15,000 square foot garden called the “Incredible Edible Milbridge Program, with al fruits and veggies available to the public for free! Their slogan is: “If it’s ripe, pick it!” Their web site is: https://www.whrl.org

Every year, I volunteer my time to make various items for the annual auction and raffle. In addition, I also make several duplicated items that all go to local professional artists, who in turn paint the item with their artwork and return the items to the WHRL for a silent auction. One year it was folding Adirondack chairs, the next it was 5-panel benches, and last year it was several large wooden chests. This year, I am making Ana White designed, simple Adirondack chairs. The only differences in Ana White’s plans and the chairs I’m building is I’m using high-end exterior plywood rather than dimensional lumber, and I substituted 3 wide back slats for the five thinner ones in Ana’s plans. The reason being the artists had more of a “canvas” to work from when creating their artwork – making it easier on them.

Ana White’s Adirondack chair plans are free and here is her web site URL if you would to check them out: https://www.ana-white.com/woodworkin...irondack-chair

Here's the video: